Today he has got gone one step further, showing his outrage on Harley by simply making it echo image of the lady

Harley Quinn doesn’t realize it, nevertheless the whole life out of Punchline is facts she’s got getting more significant than ever before on the Joker. She’s the person who got away, the woman which defied him and turned into her very own woman, more the fresh arms the guy experienced the woman to-be. Harley Quinn ‘s the evidence the fresh Joker’s worldview is actually completely wrong, since the woman is the new research he or she is not the center of the newest universe, and all sorts of Gotham doesn’t revolve up to him. This is why the newest Joker constantly attempts to mark her right back to your their lifestyle in certain mode or any other, however, she’s got continually resisted you to.

Whenever you are she no doubt would not stand single – Birds out-of Prey subtly set-up new romance anywhere between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy – she will never ever once more succeed by herself to get taken to your kind of below average, obsessive and you will abusive relationship she had with the Joker

So it discreetly reinterprets the smoothness out of Punchline. Read more