AngLR Labs

The AngLR Tracker is an embedded Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device designed to integrate into the AngLR platform and automate the fishing log book process. Historically, keeping a fishing log book or journal required a fisherman to make a concerted effort to capture and record the fishing activities of any trip. The AngLR Platform has automated the process and is comprised of three components: the AngLR mobile app, the AngLR Log Book web application, and the AngLR Tracker. The AngLR Tracker is a hardware device comprised of a custom circuit board coupled with proprietary firmware algorithms to detect the activities of a fisherman. PiMios worked directly with the AngLR team to design and manufacture the product. The AngLR Tracker recognizes and records casting, hooking, and landing fish. The AngLR mobile app pulls in weather, water, and GPS data to log all important aspects of every catch.